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We are a strategic, creative studio based in Melbourne. Our close team of innovative professionals are passionate about design. We approach each project and design challenge with process-driven intentionality to inform the identities and experiences we create.
Awards & Recognition
We're proud to regularly receive awards and recognition from our excellent industry for our work.
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Your brand is how your customers see your business. It's the way you represent yourself – professionally and visually. It's what makes you unique. It's what makes you desirable.
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Don't blow your concept in the execution. Make sure you have the right development team to carry out your design elements across multiple platforms efficiently. And the team that can define a user-friendly CMS to enable you to manage your site update your content. Fortunately for you, digital is our sweet spot.
1. Strategy
2. Design
3. Build
We combine intelligent design with rich technology to craft an innovative brand.
Designing Change
We bring ideas to life
We understand that our clients are investing in their business, and our purpose is to deliver actual returns. But what you hope to accomplish and what your consumers are looking for might be two different things. At massamedia, we create branding and marketing solutions that help those two things meet in the middle. We immerse ourselves in your world and use data, technology, and insight to see the needs of your business first-hand and uncover what drives consumer decision-making and action.
Brand Design
Your brand isn't your name, your logo, or your tagline. Your brand is the reason you exist. The reason customers choose you, spend money with you and talk about you to their friends. From repositioning to developing a brand from scratch, we create a platform rooted in strategy and reflective of your customers. The result is solid but malleable branding that stands the test of time and trends—and sees international recognition and success.
Content Studios
When we started massamedia, we worked with the best production studios but wanted to do even better. We created our studio to bring stories to life. Our nimble studio team of directors, photographers, videographers, producers, editors, and sound engineers create video and photo content that's compelling enough to stop the thumb from scrolling past and start the love affair with your brand.
Media Distribution
Unique content only works when the right people see it. With both high-level and day-to-day management of your distribution plan, we use our network of international partners like Facebook, Expedia, and YouTube to make sense of every new platform, trend, and technology. Then, we build a strategy tailored to your brand with one constant: we go where the audience is. Because it's no longer about scheduling time with a network, it's about engaging in real-time.
Social Media
The conversation around your brand is always happening. By listening and engaging, we gain insight into communities that helps to define, drive, and optimize your brand’s communications. With social listening tools and an understanding of what motivates your audience, we don’t just get people to like and share—we get them to act.
Forward-thinking approach
We approach all of our projects using the same strategic approach from brand conception and application to digital products.
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